Kanandoor - Lesser Gods

The Lesser Gods of Kanandoor take an active interest in the affairs of mortals, with their alignment for the most part explaining their actions/powers/thoughts

They were absent for 1000 years, with their influence only felt again in the last couple of centuries. Because of this, different peoples/races/places have different feelings on them, some have an outright ban, others are opening and embracing

God of Truth and Justice: Jorath – Lawful Good

  • Domains: Air, Good, Healing, Law, Protection, Strength, Sun

Goddess of Healing and Peace: Shishra – Neutral Good

  • Domains: Earth, Good, Healing, Protection, Sun, War, Water
  • Note: Shishra and her followers hate all forms of undead

God of Freedom and Choice: Banim – Chaotic Good

  • Symbol: A golden four pointed star
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Luck, Sun, Travel, War
  • Favoured Weapon: A falchion
  • Temples: Places of light and fresh air, people find it relaxing and soul healing to be in these temples
  • Followers: Generally fun-loving and quick to laugh or smile. Can be very focused if required. Dislike injustice being done or freedoms being taken away and will step in to rectify this. Some travel a lot, most are wise and willing to talk and answer questions
  • Other Names: The Wandering One
  • Appearance: Tall, smiling, blond-haired, green eyed man. Dressed in leathers with a falchion on his back and a quarterstaff in his hand.
  • Note: Clerics may stay in the temple complex, but in return for their board they are expected to help with chores and temple work.

God of Innovation and Discovery: Varneim – Lawful Neutral

  • Domains: Fire, Knowledge, Law, Protection, Travel, War

Goddess of Nature: Therin-kai – Neutral

God of Luck and Tricks: Ori – Chaotic Neutral

  • Domains: Fire, Knowledge, Law, Protection, Travel, War

God of Retribution and Revenge: Kroosh – Lawful Evil

  • Symbol: A hollow black steel triangle with a spike coming out of each side
  • Note: Seems to have an affinity with undead.

Also know to be two other evil Lesser Gods.

Kanandoor - Lesser Gods

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