Independent State - Yiplo

Place in Kanandoor: Most northern of the Independent States

To the North: Cliffs of Yore (broken?)
To the East: Fizzwhistle Mountains (impassable?)
To the West: Ice Nomads (trade?)
To the South: Halfling nation

Major Centres:

Economy: ‘Weather hardened farmers eke a living in the hills’



Weather: Windswept, ice stung and barren

Races: Mostly humans, plenty of Halflings passing through. Some Dwarves, half elves and elves. Half orcs are uncommon

Notes: ‘Self reliance is a necessity and something to be proud of’

Supported Greater Gods: Fordarin, Renith, Gorin-anum, Zasreth
Lesser Gods, temples: All, although small

Independent State - Yiplo

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