Independent State - Southlore

Place in Kanandoor:

To the North: Mith
To the East:
To the West:
To the South: Bitterwater Swamp – slowly encroaching into Southlore, full of biting insects and creatures of ill-intent

Major Centres:

  • Tolk – a city in the west of Southlore




  • Emblem: Clenched fist on a split background of red and dark green
  • Southlore Regulars


Races: Mostly human, with a mix of other races

Supported Greater Gods: All
Lesser Gods, temples: All – Shishra is barely tolerated


  • Beset by enemies on all sides, Southlore protects itself
  • Mith is an old rival and former friend
  • Mounts in Southlore can be hard to come by for common people (and low level adventurers) due to many being used by the army

Independent State - Southlore

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