The Prince and I

The day after getting the note from Doro concerning the Temple Request, you are called into the audience chamber of the temple head, Maric.

Walking inside, you find yourself in a room full of people. At one side of a long table you see – two True Elven warriors in shimmering mail with their attention on you, two female elves hovering behind a very regal looking elf wearing a thin circlet of silver on his forehead and a crying elven female wearing a similar circlet.

At the other side of the table you see Maric, Doro, and six other high ranking followers of Banim – you recognise them all, although you haven’t had reason to speak to any of them.

The regal elf speaks to Maric after noting your entrance:
Leia was my wife’s younger sister. We are most saddened by the news of her death and although it will be difficult, her body must be taken back to Alanstrar as is traditional. Do you accede to this request?

Maric says:
Of course, and we will assist you in this, as she was a sister of Banim and it is our duty to care even in death.

The crying elf gathers herself, stands and speaks to you as she slowly walks forward:
You were with her at the end?

After hearing your reply in the affirmative, she rushes you and slaps you hard:
She goes to slap you again as you step back shocked, but her hand is caught by the regal elf. She struggles and continues to yell:
The True Elven warriors step forward, but are waved down by the regal elf. His wife collapses into his arms, sobbing and wailing with grief. He asks the two elven handmaidens to take his wife out of the room, and sends one of the warriors with them.

As they leave, Maric stands and says firmly:
There will be no arresting of anyone. This is Banim’s holy house and Avery is his cleric. It is not for others to decide if Avery has done wrong.
Once they are gone, he says:
Doro, please tell us what Avery told you about Leia’s death and the unfortunate events that lead to this outcome.

Doro stands and tells the story that you told him, he doesn’t leave anything of importance out. Once he is finished, Maric looks to you and asks if what Doro has said is correct and if you have anything more to add. You indicate that you don’t.

Maric sums up saying to the regal elf:
It seems that Leia’s death is an unfortunate outcome caused by the evil of Kroosh. We are all saddened by the loss of Leia, she was a loyal follower of Banim and did not deserve this fate.

The regal elf stands, nods to Maric and the other temple elders, turns to you and says:
I apologise for my wife and her actions, she is carrying much grief. I do suggest Avery, that you never enter Alanstar – I may be exiled at this time, but the Alanstar people loved Leia and my wife’s family still has influence.
Turning to Maric, he sadly says:
We will make arrangements for her body to be taken.

With that he and the rest of his party leave the room. Once they are gone, the tension seems to follow them, as the temple elders, Doro and Maric visibly relax. Maric assures you that you have done nothing wrong in your care for Leia, and that no one here blames you for anything. It would appear that she was affected by a powerful and evil spell perhaps cast on the icon that triggered when she touched it? No one is really sure. She stopped responding to treatment and ultimately succumb to the effects of the spell. Prince Heniryss and Princess Silvestra are obviously most upset with what has happened, but hopefully understand that you are not at fault. With that, you are asked to leave with Doro, which you do.

You go to Doro’s office and discuss the note and the dream with Doro, and talk for a time about the task set before you. He again makes the firm suggestion that you start your research in the temple library. He also mentions that Banim is sometimes called The Wandering One by the people’s of Kanandoor. Just before you leave his office, he says:
So you know Avery, temple chores and lessons are lessened for those that have been selected by Banim to perform a task for him. The temple will do everything it can in aiding you in this, although it is for you only to undertake.

You leave his office and go to the library. The temple library is large, and full of books and scrolls on many subjects. The librarian is a kindly man who, when you ask him some questions about your task, is more than happy to discuss his thoughts. Unfortunately, he isn’t much of a help. You start your research, looking for anything that discusses Blades of Banim, Sacred Relics and things that were stolen etc. A couple of fruitless hours pass and you are raised from your reading my a soft tap on the shoulder. A temple junior stands there and says:
Are you Avery King? I have a note to give to you.

The note reads:
Avery King. I request that you meet me at our lodgings at mid afternoon tomorrow at the Broken Swan in Main St West. I wish to apologise and hear more of my sisters death. Princess Silvestra.

You thank him for the note and ponder it, before returning to your research. After another hour, you taste success! You find a reference to something known as God Touched Weapons, it would appear they are normally found in the form of the favoured weapon of the Lesser God for which they are made. Making some detailed notes, you continue reading, but find that the text moves onto less interesting things.

You finish in the library for the day and go in search of someone to discuss the Princesses note with. The Knight in Charge, Willas, is happy to speak to you about it. Although he can’t shed much light on things, other than to confirm what the note says, he does suggest that you trust the Princess at her word as he doesn’t see why you shouldn’t even with everything that has occurred. It is very possible that grief clouded her mind when you first met her?

The following day you try a different tact in your research and seek answers and information from other members of the temple. One temple eldar speaks to you, but can’t help with your questions, he does suggest that you perhaps continue to follow your leads in the library?

That afternoon, you resolve to visit with Princess Silvestra and after telling the Knight in Charge where you are going and what time you expect to be back, you walk the hour or so to the part of Tolk in which they reside. After giving your name at the door of the Broken Swan, you are invited inside and asked to wait in a sitting room. People come and go from the room, while you wait and time passes. Finally, when night is falling an elven maiden comes to you and says:
Avery King? We are most sorry for your wait. Princess Silvestra is unwell and won’t be able to see you today, she sends her apologies. Again we are sorry for making you wait.

You leave the Broken Swan, heading down now darkened streets towards home. You find yourself in a section of street that isn’t patrolled, shuttered and locked shops next to dark alleys. Ahead you see two dwarves approaching you with clubs in their hands, turning, you see two more coming towards you – you are trapped! The dwarves are wearing dirty leathers and appear to be a bit unkept. You say – What appears to be the problem? You get We are YOUR problem priesty boy and a fist to your mouth as an answer. Carrying no weapons, you are forced to take the punishment, yelling for help before blackness overtakes you and you crash into the pavement.

You come to in a nearby alley, covered in filth, naked, bloody, bruised and broken. Everything you had is gone, even your symbol of Banim! Muttering a prayer through broken lips, you heal yourself and start to limp back to the temple. Coming across some guards, you explain what has happened, and they, concerned, assist you to the temple gates.



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