Temple Request

Several days after your return from the farmhouse investigation with Doro, you find a note in your room. It reads:

Avery, Brother of Banim, I have a request of you.

After discussions with the temple elders following your actions dealing with the evil of Kroosh, we are of an opinion that you might perform a task for us.

Somewhere to the west, close to the Bitterwater Stream, there is a cave. Banim has called for someone to prove themselves by finding this cave, then bringing back his Blade that was stolen.

You are free to decide whether you will undertake this sacred task. Speak to me of your decision.

Knight Brother Doro.

What do you decide to do?

The night of the day that you get the note, you have a dream.

You walk towards a tall, blond-haired, green eyed man leans against a tree. He is smiling. Dressed in dark leathers, there is a falchion on his back and a quarterstaff leaning on the trunk next to him. He says in a mild but persuasive voice:

Avery King, young Avery King. I have my eye on you. Do me proud son and find what is missing. You will need to search far and wide perhaps, maybe the path will not be straight but might wind and wander. Be brave and remember – to go west, you must first go east and there you must find yourself.

The dream fades.

The next day you speak to Doro about the note and tell him about the dream – he is immensely pleased and tells you that you have been blessed to be asked by Banim to perform this sacred task!


If the elders believe I am up for the task, it shall be done.

Temple Request

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