Avery King


Avery is a reasonably attractive, fit, muscular young man. He has short brown hair and blue eyes, with a striking smile that assists in turning the ladies heads.


Light hearted, kind and shows slightly odd “for a Cleric”, these are the words that best describe a young man who is dedicated to helping those who need it whilst balancing that with sharing a beer with the locals.

Avery was born in Southlore, but when he was young his father (a soldier) left his mother and older brother and took Avery and moved to Tolk. Avery has lived the soldier (town guard) life, enjoying all the basics of life. One day whilst his father returned home with an old man that had been stripped of everything but raiders. They looked after him for many years until the old man passed away. But in that time he taught Avery about Banim and “the world”. On his deathbed he gave Avery a set of books which Avery now treasures and is the start of his library. In his study and from the lessons of his fathers generosity, he left home and moved into the church grounds to begin studying.

Now Avery has finished his basic training and is out and about looking for an opportunity to help others and spread the word of Banim….and enjoy a few drinks and women on the way.

Avery King

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