Southlore, Tolk - Missing Swamp People

Offer of reward for information

The Bitterwater Swamp is expanding into the south of Southlore – it always has, it probably always will, but it seems to be encroaching faster now than it used to. In the past it was a mile or so a year – the land rotting from below, rank water seeping into soil and vegetation. The change brought with it plagues of biting insects, dead forests and vile creatures. Now the movement is faster, as if the swamp is being pushed by an unseen malevolence.

Sometimes over night it seems, a homestead or even a village on the old edge of the swamp disappears into the muck and murk, its people moving further north before they lose their final footing on solid ground, leaving memories and livelihoods behind them.

In the past, the Southlore authorities occasionally investigated these disappearances, but now the uneasy peace with Mith has taken their attention and they have stopped caring about the swamp and its perils. Instead, at least in the west of the Independent State, the local temples have taken an interest.

The temple of Banim in Tolk has asked for volunteers to conduct a search of a recent swamp incursion that engulfed several homesteads. No news of people leaving the homesteads has been heard.

The area is south of Tolk and will take three days travel to reach. A small reward is offered for any information that can be found about the former inhabitants.

Are you interested in volunteering?



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