Southlore - Missing Swamp People, Day 3

After hearing the call for volunteers during the morning announcements, you decide that this might be a good chance to travel from the city, while doing some good. Doro, the Knight-in-Charge, gladly accepts your offer of help and gives you a map to the homestead of interest, while also asking that you take note of other things of interest.

You are joined in your investigations by Leia ‘Roofbuilder’, a True Elf that has travelled to Tolk with her exiled prince from Alanstar. She is friendly enough, although you hadn’t met her before. You find out that she was an architect in her homeland before she heard Banim’s call.

You travel from Tolk, noticing that there is an air of uneasiness in the city, although that is probably due to the peace with Mith, than anything unusual. There are Southlore Regular solders everywhere, their clenched fist on a split background of red and dark green is obvious and numerous in the busy crowds.

Exiting the city, you immediately enter farmland, and you can see the slow haze of Bitterwater Swamp in the distance as you walk south. Moving for a day and a night, you set up a ‘watch’ rotation with Leia at night, just in case dangers present themselves. On the morning of the second day, Leia wakes you with a warning whisper.

An armed and amoured creature with the head of a dog watches you from the bushes, before attacking you and Leia. With one swing of its battleaxe it put Leia to the ground, but while its attention was with her, you smash its ugly features with your morningstar and kill it instantly.

After healing her wounds, Leia is shaken but mostly ok. You search the creature, a Swamp Gnoll according to Leia, and find a number of things:
- 1000 copper, which you split with Leia
- a good battleaxe which you decide to leave
- and a shield carrying the symbol of a smashed dark green and red shield. Leia draws this on some paper she happens to be carrying.

Continuing south, you find the land becoming slightly more swampy, which brings with it clouds of irritating insects. The Swamp fills the southern horizon. In a little over three days travel over partly flooded farmland, you reach the area described on the map given to you. You think you are very close to your destination, but due to a large bubbling body of murky water, you find you must leave the path. You skirt west, south and then east…



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