Adventure Prologue - Pick Your Path

Choice of Starting Area

1) Yiplo
Windswept, ice stung and barren. Weather hardened farmers eke a living in the hills of this most northern of the Independent States. Trading with the Ice Nomads to the west brings some comforts, and the Halfling nation to the south provides many curious travellers. The impassable Fizzwhistle Mountains to the east and the broken Cliffs of Yore to the north though mean that self reliance is a necessity and something to be proud of.

Races: Mostly humans, plenty of Halflings passing through. Some Dwarves, half elves and elves. Half orcs are uncommon.

Classes: All classes.

Supported Greater Gods – Fordarin, Renith, Gorin-anum, Zasreth
Temples: Lesser Gods – All, although small
2) Madrin – city in High Pass
The bustling city of Madrin, the jewel in High Pass’s crown. Those in Bandar to the north may have walled themselves off from the world, but that is foolish with the trade coming from the south and Stone Kingdoms to the east. The Sola River runs deep and wide to the west, a highway for those seeking riches in other lands.

Races: Humans and Dwarves are common, mix of other races.

Classes: All classes.

Supported Greater Gods – All
Temples: Lesser Gods – All. Jorath is barely tolerated.
3) Chels, city in Rathe
Thick and mighty are the walls and battlements of Chels, the third largest city in Rathe. Rathe is fertile, peaceful and populous, the oldest Independent State west of the Sola River and the richest. There are always threats though, the evilness of Andrith and the paranoia of Bandar mean constant guard to the east, while dark lands wait over the Mist-vale to the west.

Races: All races.

Classes: All classes.

Supported Greater Gods – All
Temples: Lesser Gods – All
4) Southlore
Beset by enemies on all sides, Southlore protects itself. The swamplands to the south mean continuous battle with creatures of ill-intent, but it is the old rival and former friend to the north that most threatens life and freedom. Take up arms, too battle – Mith must be destroyed!

Races: Mostly human, with a mix of other races.

Classes: All classes.

Supported Greater Gods – All
Temples: Lesser Gods – All. Shishra is barely tolerated
5) Bandar
Only the strong, just and righteous will prevail in this world of evil and wrong-doing. Jorath teaches the path of truth, his is the light that watches over the people of Bandar and guides the twelve magistrates. Waykeepers guard the walls, but eternal vigilance should never be lost.

Races: Half orcs are rare. Halflings are tolerated, although barely.

Classes: Barbarians are rare. Rogues, if the thieving type, are rare.

Supported Greater Gods – Completely banned
Temples: Lesser Gods – Cult of Jorath, all other Lesser Gods are completely banned



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