The Prince and I

The day after getting the note from Doro concerning the Temple Request, you are called into the audience chamber of the temple head, Maric.

Walking inside, you find yourself in a room full of people. At one side of a long table you see – two True Elven warriors in shimmering mail with their attention on you, two female elves hovering behind a very regal looking elf wearing a thin circlet of silver on his forehead and a crying elven female wearing a similar circlet.

At the other side of the table you see Maric, Doro, and six other high ranking followers of Banim – you recognise them all, although you haven’t had reason to speak to any of them.

The regal elf speaks to Maric after noting your entrance:
Leia was my wife’s younger sister. We are most saddened by the news of her death and although it will be difficult, her body must be taken back to Alanstrar as is traditional. Do you accede to this request?

Maric says:
Of course, and we will assist you in this, as she was a sister of Banim and it is our duty to care even in death.

The crying elf gathers herself, stands and speaks to you as she slowly walks forward:
You were with her at the end?

After hearing your reply in the affirmative, she rushes you and slaps you hard:
She goes to slap you again as you step back shocked, but her hand is caught by the regal elf. She struggles and continues to yell:
The True Elven warriors step forward, but are waved down by the regal elf. His wife collapses into his arms, sobbing and wailing with grief. He asks the two elven handmaidens to take his wife out of the room, and sends one of the warriors with them.

As they leave, Maric stands and says firmly:
There will be no arresting of anyone. This is Banim’s holy house and Avery is his cleric. It is not for others to decide if Avery has done wrong.
Once they are gone, he says:
Doro, please tell us what Avery told you about Leia’s death and the unfortunate events that lead to this outcome.

Doro stands and tells the story that you told him, he doesn’t leave anything of importance out. Once he is finished, Maric looks to you and asks if what Doro has said is correct and if you have anything more to add. You indicate that you don’t.

Maric sums up saying to the regal elf:
It seems that Leia’s death is an unfortunate outcome caused by the evil of Kroosh. We are all saddened by the loss of Leia, she was a loyal follower of Banim and did not deserve this fate.

The regal elf stands, nods to Maric and the other temple elders, turns to you and says:
I apologise for my wife and her actions, she is carrying much grief. I do suggest Avery, that you never enter Alanstar – I may be exiled at this time, but the Alanstar people loved Leia and my wife’s family still has influence.
Turning to Maric, he sadly says:
We will make arrangements for her body to be taken.

With that he and the rest of his party leave the room. Once they are gone, the tension seems to follow them, as the temple elders, Doro and Maric visibly relax. Maric assures you that you have done nothing wrong in your care for Leia, and that no one here blames you for anything. It would appear that she was affected by a powerful and evil spell perhaps cast on the icon that triggered when she touched it? No one is really sure. She stopped responding to treatment and ultimately succumb to the effects of the spell. Prince Heniryss and Princess Silvestra are obviously most upset with what has happened, but hopefully understand that you are not at fault. With that, you are asked to leave with Doro, which you do.

You go to Doro’s office and discuss the note and the dream with Doro, and talk for a time about the task set before you. He again makes the firm suggestion that you start your research in the temple library. He also mentions that Banim is sometimes called The Wandering One by the people’s of Kanandoor. Just before you leave his office, he says:
So you know Avery, temple chores and lessons are lessened for those that have been selected by Banim to perform a task for him. The temple will do everything it can in aiding you in this, although it is for you only to undertake.

You leave his office and go to the library. The temple library is large, and full of books and scrolls on many subjects. The librarian is a kindly man who, when you ask him some questions about your task, is more than happy to discuss his thoughts. Unfortunately, he isn’t much of a help. You start your research, looking for anything that discusses Blades of Banim, Sacred Relics and things that were stolen etc. A couple of fruitless hours pass and you are raised from your reading my a soft tap on the shoulder. A temple junior stands there and says:
Are you Avery King? I have a note to give to you.

The note reads:
Avery King. I request that you meet me at our lodgings at mid afternoon tomorrow at the Broken Swan in Main St West. I wish to apologise and hear more of my sisters death. Princess Silvestra.

You thank him for the note and ponder it, before returning to your research. After another hour, you taste success! You find a reference to something known as God Touched Weapons, it would appear they are normally found in the form of the favoured weapon of the Lesser God for which they are made. Making some detailed notes, you continue reading, but find that the text moves onto less interesting things.

You finish in the library for the day and go in search of someone to discuss the Princesses note with. The Knight in Charge, Willas, is happy to speak to you about it. Although he can’t shed much light on things, other than to confirm what the note says, he does suggest that you trust the Princess at her word as he doesn’t see why you shouldn’t even with everything that has occurred. It is very possible that grief clouded her mind when you first met her?

The following day you try a different tact in your research and seek answers and information from other members of the temple. One temple eldar speaks to you, but can’t help with your questions, he does suggest that you perhaps continue to follow your leads in the library?

That afternoon, you resolve to visit with Princess Silvestra and after telling the Knight in Charge where you are going and what time you expect to be back, you walk the hour or so to the part of Tolk in which they reside. After giving your name at the door of the Broken Swan, you are invited inside and asked to wait in a sitting room. People come and go from the room, while you wait and time passes. Finally, when night is falling an elven maiden comes to you and says:
Avery King? We are most sorry for your wait. Princess Silvestra is unwell and won’t be able to see you today, she sends her apologies. Again we are sorry for making you wait.

You leave the Broken Swan, heading down now darkened streets towards home. You find yourself in a section of street that isn’t patrolled, shuttered and locked shops next to dark alleys. Ahead you see two dwarves approaching you with clubs in their hands, turning, you see two more coming towards you – you are trapped! The dwarves are wearing dirty leathers and appear to be a bit unkept. You say – What appears to be the problem? You get We are YOUR problem priesty boy and a fist to your mouth as an answer. Carrying no weapons, you are forced to take the punishment, yelling for help before blackness overtakes you and you crash into the pavement.

You come to in a nearby alley, covered in filth, naked, bloody, bruised and broken. Everything you had is gone, even your symbol of Banim! Muttering a prayer through broken lips, you heal yourself and start to limp back to the temple. Coming across some guards, you explain what has happened, and they, concerned, assist you to the temple gates.

Temple Request

Several days after your return from the farmhouse investigation with Doro, you find a note in your room. It reads:

Avery, Brother of Banim, I have a request of you.

After discussions with the temple elders following your actions dealing with the evil of Kroosh, we are of an opinion that you might perform a task for us.

Somewhere to the west, close to the Bitterwater Stream, there is a cave. Banim has called for someone to prove themselves by finding this cave, then bringing back his Blade that was stolen.

You are free to decide whether you will undertake this sacred task. Speak to me of your decision.

Knight Brother Doro.

What do you decide to do?

The night of the day that you get the note, you have a dream.

You walk towards a tall, blond-haired, green eyed man leans against a tree. He is smiling. Dressed in dark leathers, there is a falchion on his back and a quarterstaff leaning on the trunk next to him. He says in a mild but persuasive voice:

Avery King, young Avery King. I have my eye on you. Do me proud son and find what is missing. You will need to search far and wide perhaps, maybe the path will not be straight but might wind and wander. Be brave and remember – to go west, you must first go east and there you must find yourself.

The dream fades.

The next day you speak to Doro about the note and tell him about the dream – he is immensely pleased and tells you that you have been blessed to be asked by Banim to perform this sacred task!

Southlore - Missing Swamp People - Return to Tolk

You leave the ruined homestead and travel north, leaving the creeping, bubbling, stinking swamp waters behind you with every step. Although not rushing, you make good time in your homeward journey. Stopping under what seems to be a safe rocky alcove for the night, you get Leia to wake you before the middle of the night – she does, just before she again spasms and drops to the ground unconscious. Worried, you check her vital signs and make her as comfortable as possible and then settle in to watch and wait out the rest of the night.

As before, Leia awakes in the morning, but seems worse than the day before – her face is hagged and ashen, her movements slow and pained. Travelling slowly, you find you must aid her in walking now, least she fall.

Only about a day and a half away from Tolk you hear a wailing yell not far away – “Heeeeellllppp meeeee!” Startled by the noise, you move to investigate, but bereft of support, Leia drops to the ground in a faint, you move her gently into some bushes to hide her. You rush to towards where the yell came from, following a track through the trees and come upon a small farmhouse. A man keels out the front, head in hands, sobbing loudly. “My boy, you have to help my boy he cries” looking at you with crazed, red rimmed eyes. “He is inside, I don’t know what to do!”.

He rushes inside and you follow, entering the main living room of the house. He moves down a small hallway and pauses to open one of two doors, you follow him in. The room smells of death and blood, the boy is in the bed, covers over him. You pull the bedcovers back to find the body eviscerated – blood and entrails staining the bed a deep red. The boy has obviously been dead for some days. You tell the man as much, he shakes his head not understanding. More forcefully you say “I can’t help him, he is dead”, the man snaps and with a half yelp-growl he grabs a rake that was leaning on the wall and swings at you!

He succeeds in landing some wild blows, your amour soaking up most of the punishment. You temper your blows, attempting to knock him out rather than kill him. Trying to calm him, he yells wildly, and rushes from you into the back room of the house, slamming the door behind him. You hear things breaking and the thumps of rake strikes, as the man rages in the room. After a minute or so, there is silence, you cautiously move to the door and push it open.

The sight that meets your eyes is brutal to behold. The room is a charnel house, with body parts strewn on the floor and furniture. A dark language is scrawled in blood on every wall, and the stench is terrible. The man stands in front of you, body relaxed, but eyes blank. “The Master demands” he utters quietly, the words echoed in the dry scratching of bones as a skeleton moves past him to attack you! The fight is furious but over quickly, you knock the man unconscious and shatter the skeleton to dust.

Quickly inspecting the room, you decide the room contains the bodies of two small children and a women. Dragging the unconscious man back into the main room, you close the door to the horrible sight. Leia finds you in the room, watching the unconscious man. “This house smells of death. Who is this man?”. You explain and you both wait, hoping to talk to the man about what happened. He awakens and immediately comes at you. You knock him to the ground again and he slumps, motionless. Seeing that the situation seems pointless, you and Leia move back to the Old South Road, and continue your travels.

After a time, you come across an old man pulling a cart in the opposite direction. Seeing Leia and realising your plight, he offers to help, which you accept gladly. Travelling deep into the night, you find out some things about Gerald the old farmer who agreed to help. Mostly he is happy to talk, but looks at you sideways when you ask how much he made at the market.

Finally you make it back to Tolk, Gerald goes to make his good byes while holding his hand out to you in a suggestive manner. “Could you help an old man out for helping you good sir?” he asks. You turn him down, insulted that he would ask for something you were about to give freely. He turns and leaves, shoulders slumped, not looking back.

You move quickly to the Temple of Banim, and find Doro to make your report. Leia is taken by concerned colleagues to the infirmary section of the temple grounds. When told, Doro is concerned by your findings, and when you give him the wrapped icon of Kroosh he says "it dangerous to touch such unholy icons, but better we deal with it than some innocent finds it. When told of the crazed farmer he murmers “this is not good, such evil things to hear of”. He takes the drawing of the symbol you found on the Swamp Gnoll and indicates that he will pass this on to the military.

Once you have finished your tale, Doro hands you a pouch as a reward for volunteering. He asks if you would like to accompany him on the morrow to investigate the farmhouse and try and find Gerald to make sure he is ok. You agree to without hesitation. The next day you meet Doro early and travel light to the small farmhouse.

You lead him to it and seeing no one around, Doro pushes open the door. You grimace at the sight that greets you. The farmer has been nailed to the wall of the main living room, opposite the open door. His skin is flayed from his body and every part of him has been cut open. The air is thick with flies and the smell of blood. Like the back room, the living room is daubed in the same bloody foul language. Taking up most of the floor, a large symbol of Kroosh is drawn in blood. Doro is furious, he growls “such evil, we must burn this place to the ground”. The farmhouse burns, flames going some way to cleansing the unholiness of the deeds that were done inside.

After a fruitless search for Gerald, you travel back to Tolk. Once there, Doro thanks you and leaves you to your studies.

Southlore - Missing Swamp People Found...Dead...

The mists roll around and over murky waters and soggy ground. Even with the fog, you are able to tell that you are at the right place, as the vegetation has a cultivated look and the remains of fences are here and there. Crossing a small section of water, you encounter your first challenge – a skeleton! Undead evil is not what you expected, although it may help with the mystery of the missing homestead residents.

Using the holy power of Banim, Leia and you destroy the skeleton and another two zombies – these appear ‘fresher’ and may be some of the former inhabitants. Cautiously you move across the next barrier of swampy water. A small bridge brings you to a decrepit pergola and more undead. After accounting for this evil, you search the area and find a small cache of poorly hidden gold.

Heading east, you see the foggy outline of the ruined homestead. Crossing one last swampy stream, you encounter two more zombies and possibly the evil master behind their unlife. With prayers to Banim on your lips, you and Leia confront the enemy. Destroying the zombies with an inner strength, you come face to face with the Thin Man. Wearing torn and blood encrusted clothing, eyes wide and wild, chanting a dark language, he comes straight at you. Banim protects, the evil spells of the madman fail, and you end his life with no remorse.

Heart still racing from the fight, you have a look around the ruins. You find no more enemies, but you do get a clue to the foul force behind the undeath – a small stone alter, bloody, with a symbol at its head – a black steel triangle with spikes coming out of each side. The unholy icon of Kroosh – the Lawful Evil Lesser God of Retribution and Revenge. Your studies have only touched on this evil presence so far, but you do know that he and his followers have an affinity with the undead.

Going back to the body of Thin Man, you discover the alter is not to be present by chance, he also carries the dark symbol as a pendant. You carefully wrap it up and stow it and several other items in your pack. Searching the ruins, you find a trapdoor almost covered by fallen rubble and stones. You and Leia manage to pry it open and descend down the stairs into the darkness.

Leia causes the light of Banim to shine from her blade and you find yourselves in a cellar, table with chairs strewn on the floor and empty shelves on the walls. There are also two small hallways – a single door off the shortest one, and three doors off the longer southern hall. Listening carefully, the only sounds you hear are the slow drip of water and your thumping heartbeats. The first door in the southern hall doesn’t seem to be locked, but is stuck fast – not even your shoulder manages to move it. Leaving it for the moment, the next door you try is locked, and seems to be a better door than the first. At the third door though you have more luck, it opens with a twist of the handle.

You find more evil! It seems the rot of Kroosh has also seeped into the cellar, as a skeleton and a zombie emerge from the darkness. With Banim’s aid, you crush these two, taking some wounds in the process, then deal with another two skeletons that waited in the gloom. The room is large and mostly empty, scattered bones from your enemies litter the floor. A pile of rank straw sits in a corner and splashes of old blood stains the floor. There is a dread in the air which seems to emanate from another small stone alter, very similar to the one you found upstairs. Leia moves over to give the it a closer look, she bends down and reaches to touch the symbol. Her scream of pain echoes in the room, and she collapses on the ground unconscious!

Rushing to her side, you inspect her – it looks like she has pricked her hand on one of the spikes on the alter, there is an ooze of black blood slowly dripping from the small wound. She doesn’t awake even after healing and calling on Banim’s aid. Leaving her in a more comfortable position you see no option other than inspecting the rest of the cellar, including the rooms you weren’t able to enter. The door to the northern room opens easily, and after pausing and listening for sounds, you enter and find only broken crates and scattered rubbish. You try the stuck door again, and decide more force is required. Smashing into it with your morningstar, you batter it off its hinges. Inside you find barrels of ale and dry foods. The door to the final room soaks up more punishment than the stuck door, but it then too gives in to your repeated blows. A smaller room, it contains an old table and a chest, finding no key, you smash the lid of the chest in and discover over a 100 gold pieces!

Exploring done, you come back to find Leia awake and woozy. Helping her up, you move into the middle of the cellar and light a fire for comfort. You keep an eye on both her and the upstairs world. Deep into the night, she arches her back in pain, groans deeply and falls unconscious again. Waking ashen faced the next day, Leia says that she fears she is cursed, but manages to walk and move a bit as the sun rises. The pattern is repeated the next night though.

Seeing Leia doesn’t seem to be getting better and fearing for her if you to stay too long, you both gather yourselves for the journey back to Tolk.

Southlore - Missing Swamp People, Day 3

After hearing the call for volunteers during the morning announcements, you decide that this might be a good chance to travel from the city, while doing some good. Doro, the Knight-in-Charge, gladly accepts your offer of help and gives you a map to the homestead of interest, while also asking that you take note of other things of interest.

You are joined in your investigations by Leia ‘Roofbuilder’, a True Elf that has travelled to Tolk with her exiled prince from Alanstar. She is friendly enough, although you hadn’t met her before. You find out that she was an architect in her homeland before she heard Banim’s call.

You travel from Tolk, noticing that there is an air of uneasiness in the city, although that is probably due to the peace with Mith, than anything unusual. There are Southlore Regular solders everywhere, their clenched fist on a split background of red and dark green is obvious and numerous in the busy crowds.

Exiting the city, you immediately enter farmland, and you can see the slow haze of Bitterwater Swamp in the distance as you walk south. Moving for a day and a night, you set up a ‘watch’ rotation with Leia at night, just in case dangers present themselves. On the morning of the second day, Leia wakes you with a warning whisper.

An armed and amoured creature with the head of a dog watches you from the bushes, before attacking you and Leia. With one swing of its battleaxe it put Leia to the ground, but while its attention was with her, you smash its ugly features with your morningstar and kill it instantly.

After healing her wounds, Leia is shaken but mostly ok. You search the creature, a Swamp Gnoll according to Leia, and find a number of things:
- 1000 copper, which you split with Leia
- a good battleaxe which you decide to leave
- and a shield carrying the symbol of a smashed dark green and red shield. Leia draws this on some paper she happens to be carrying.

Continuing south, you find the land becoming slightly more swampy, which brings with it clouds of irritating insects. The Swamp fills the southern horizon. In a little over three days travel over partly flooded farmland, you reach the area described on the map given to you. You think you are very close to your destination, but due to a large bubbling body of murky water, you find you must leave the path. You skirt west, south and then east…

Southlore, Tolk - Missing Swamp People
Offer of reward for information

The Bitterwater Swamp is expanding into the south of Southlore – it always has, it probably always will, but it seems to be encroaching faster now than it used to. In the past it was a mile or so a year – the land rotting from below, rank water seeping into soil and vegetation. The change brought with it plagues of biting insects, dead forests and vile creatures. Now the movement is faster, as if the swamp is being pushed by an unseen malevolence.

Sometimes over night it seems, a homestead or even a village on the old edge of the swamp disappears into the muck and murk, its people moving further north before they lose their final footing on solid ground, leaving memories and livelihoods behind them.

In the past, the Southlore authorities occasionally investigated these disappearances, but now the uneasy peace with Mith has taken their attention and they have stopped caring about the swamp and its perils. Instead, at least in the west of the Independent State, the local temples have taken an interest.

The temple of Banim in Tolk has asked for volunteers to conduct a search of a recent swamp incursion that engulfed several homesteads. No news of people leaving the homesteads has been heard.

The area is south of Tolk and will take three days travel to reach. A small reward is offered for any information that can be found about the former inhabitants.

Are you interested in volunteering?

Characters and Start Area Chosen
The path is appearing before you!
  • Character 1

Cleric of Banim
Starting in Tolk, a city in the west of Southlore


  • Even low level magic (unless they are divine based) are very rare
  • Mounts in Tolk are expensive due to most being used by the army
  • Character 2

Starting in Madrin, High Pass

Adventure Prologue - Character Choices
Class Restrictions

Please choose and make two level one characters.

They may be related or know each other, but they won’t have seen each other for a number of years.

Classes not allowed – arcane magic users (Mages, Sorcs, Bards).
All other standard 3.5 core book classes are allowed.

Adventure Prologue - Pick Your Path
Choice of Starting Area

1) Yiplo
Windswept, ice stung and barren. Weather hardened farmers eke a living in the hills of this most northern of the Independent States. Trading with the Ice Nomads to the west brings some comforts, and the Halfling nation to the south provides many curious travellers. The impassable Fizzwhistle Mountains to the east and the broken Cliffs of Yore to the north though mean that self reliance is a necessity and something to be proud of.

Races: Mostly humans, plenty of Halflings passing through. Some Dwarves, half elves and elves. Half orcs are uncommon.

Classes: All classes.

Supported Greater Gods – Fordarin, Renith, Gorin-anum, Zasreth
Temples: Lesser Gods – All, although small
2) Madrin – city in High Pass
The bustling city of Madrin, the jewel in High Pass’s crown. Those in Bandar to the north may have walled themselves off from the world, but that is foolish with the trade coming from the south and Stone Kingdoms to the east. The Sola River runs deep and wide to the west, a highway for those seeking riches in other lands.

Races: Humans and Dwarves are common, mix of other races.

Classes: All classes.

Supported Greater Gods – All
Temples: Lesser Gods – All. Jorath is barely tolerated.
3) Chels, city in Rathe
Thick and mighty are the walls and battlements of Chels, the third largest city in Rathe. Rathe is fertile, peaceful and populous, the oldest Independent State west of the Sola River and the richest. There are always threats though, the evilness of Andrith and the paranoia of Bandar mean constant guard to the east, while dark lands wait over the Mist-vale to the west.

Races: All races.

Classes: All classes.

Supported Greater Gods – All
Temples: Lesser Gods – All
4) Southlore
Beset by enemies on all sides, Southlore protects itself. The swamplands to the south mean continuous battle with creatures of ill-intent, but it is the old rival and former friend to the north that most threatens life and freedom. Take up arms, too battle – Mith must be destroyed!

Races: Mostly human, with a mix of other races.

Classes: All classes.

Supported Greater Gods – All
Temples: Lesser Gods – All. Shishra is barely tolerated
5) Bandar
Only the strong, just and righteous will prevail in this world of evil and wrong-doing. Jorath teaches the path of truth, his is the light that watches over the people of Bandar and guides the twelve magistrates. Waykeepers guard the walls, but eternal vigilance should never be lost.

Races: Half orcs are rare. Halflings are tolerated, although barely.

Classes: Barbarians are rare. Rogues, if the thieving type, are rare.

Supported Greater Gods – Completely banned
Temples: Lesser Gods – Cult of Jorath, all other Lesser Gods are completely banned

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